Selfie Accessories Market: Latest Trends, Demand and Analysis

Selfie is the self-representing photograph taken from digital camera or smartphone. The trend is changed instead of using self-timer or any other similar tools; the selfie is taken by positioning camera or smartphone at arm’s length or pointing at the mirror. Though these tactics give images but not satisfactorily, therefore, to have photograph clicked as per the requirement without bothering any third person selfie concept is generated. Mostly, selfies are taken to share on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and much more. When it comes to taking self-portrait using smartphone or camera, many selfie accessories are available in the market, ranging from selfie sticks to many apps.

Carbon Footprint Management Market: Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand

Carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly or indirectly support given activities, which may either be human or machine oriented. This is usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). The global carbon footprint management market is made up by the solutions and services that help manage carbon footprint. Over the course of the last few years, the global footprint management market has grown substantially. Growing concerns about climate change, global warming and the need for an international agreement on carbon emission has directed the market’s growth.

Data Center Automation Software and Services Market: Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications

Data centers are the centralized repositories that are used for storage, management and categorizing the data or information pertaining to particular business or organization. Data center automation software automates the workflow and processes of a data center facility. It helps in reducing the human efforts for managing and controlling the data center. Data center automation software enables the automation of tasks pertaining to servers, networks and storage devices. It also provides centralized access to all the data center resources of the organization. The data center automation software enables the organizations to build a software defined data center (SDDC).

Car Security System Market: Research Key Players, Industry Overview and forecasts

The consistent advancements in technology in the last few decades has benefited the global car security system market immensely. One of the key factors boosting the growth of this market is the rising incidences of car thefts across the globe. Another important factor which is working in the favour of this market is steps taken by government in order to ensure that automakers install immobilisers as a standard feature in each new car manufactured by them. A case in point would be the Western Australia Department of Transport.  The Wes tern Australia Department of Transport has mandated the installation of immobilizers as a standard feature each and every new car manufactured by automakers.

Solid-state Lasers for Data Storage Market: Outlook, Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Forecast

Over the past few years, the increasing adoption of information technology across various sectors is resulting in the growing use of a large amount of data. This is prompting consumers to implement highly efficient data storage solutions. The data stored in one system can be transferred to another through either portable data storage solution or Wi-Fi based local area network (LAN). However, the former is preferred to latter owing to the fact that it is more secure. Portable data storage solutions are classified into optical storage and solid state drive. Optical data storage solutions take help of solid-state laser technology to write data on the disc. The demand for solid state lasers for data storage is strong as the loss of data due to the aging of drive is lesser in optical data storage.

Compliance as a Service Market: Insights by Size, Status and Forecast

An increasing number of businesses such as banks, insurance, and payment card companies have to pay a hefty fine and penalties due to non-compliance with standard industry regulation. This increasing prevalence of non-compliance is becoming a costly and time consuming challenge for these businesses. It is an organization’s duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations set by the government. Regulations of one country will not be same for another country. Developed economies such as North America and Europe have set standard regulation in every industrial and service sector. These regulations are made in order to safeguard consumer rights and promote fair competition among industry.

Virtual Fitting Room (VFR) Market: Outlook, Global Opportunity and Growth Analysis

Virtual fitting room (VFR) is a new technology that facilitates shoppers for trying on variety of clothes in a virtual manner. In a VFR, the person need to place his or her body virtually rather than physically, to select the color, size, style, fitting and other parameters related to the buyer satisfaction. In other words, VFR is an imitation of trying apparels similar to a video game version of a changing room. VFR is the online equivalent of an in-store dressing room. VFR offers an incredible prospective for knowing the exclusive choices of each customers and presenting them with correct options based on their buying patterns and sizes.

Operational Intelligence Market: Key Drivers and On-going Trends

Operational intelligence (OI) provides real-time dynamic business analytics of streaming events and business operations along with insight and visibility into the data. Operational intelligence is designed and developed to improve the overall efficiency of the organization by focusing on operational information and data of the organization. Operational intelligence enhances the organizations ability to make critical decisions based on the analytic insights, through automated or manual actions. It also enables organizations to gain further relevant information from machine data and reduce the time to detect important events.

Automatic Water Level Controller Market: Competitive landscape is moderately consolidated, with strong emphasis on innovation

With the alarming rise in water scarcity level, the global market for automatic water level controllers is experiencing high growth in its valuations. The need to regulate various procedures without human intervention in a number of industries is fueling the demand for automatic water level controllers, which is also reflecting greatly on this market.

Automatic water level controllers are extensively utilized in open well, bore well, sumps, single-phase motors, and three-phase motors. Drainage systems, commercial complexes, apartments, hotels, and factories are the main application areas of these controllers. There are two type of technology utilized in these controllers: In-contact and contactless. Currently, in-contact controllers enjoy a high demand in this market. However, with the constant technological advancements, contactless controllers will make their way to end users smoothly in the years to come.

Super Hi-Vision Market: Recommendations to companies for strengthening their foothold in the market

Super hi-vision refers to a digital display format which is capable of displaying approximately sixteen times the original pixels available through High-Definition (HD) display technology. It provides life-like clarity to pictures and also 3D sound to make videos more realistic. Super hi-vision technology is available across devices such as cameras, televisions, smart phones, computers and projectors. Super hi-vision televisions, also known as Ultra HD television or UHDTV, are considered to be the most popular format in the recent years. UHDTVs are available in two digital video formats, viz. 4K UHDTV with a resolution of 2160 pixels (3840 x 2140 pixels) and 8K UHDTV with a resolution of 4320 pixels (7680 x 4320 pixels).