Ink Stain Removal – Remove The Stain In The Right Way

You know your clothes help you show your personality in a natural way. Your worn outfit supports you in looking your best. You try to stand out at a mall, school or work with your garment. Your outfit can be ruined in several ways and spilling of ink or wrong use of dye is one of them.

As you desire to look best so you need to remove salon dye stain or ink stain to restore your ruined cloth/outfit. For this task, you need to get effective tips. Keep your garment damp before going home when your cloth gets spilled ink or dye accidently. Try to wash it as soon as possible as the ink stain becomes permanently bonded to the fibers of your cloth and makes it harder to remove.

Apply liquid or powder detergent for ink stain removal. Keep the spotted area on the top of a clean & white towel. Use a sponge dipped into liquid detergent to blot the spotted area. Keep it going until the color of ink is passed upon the white towel under it. Be very careful while blotting the spotted area and make every possible effort not to stain other parts of your outfit.

Pour 2-3 drops of liquid detergent upon the salon dye or ink stain and start blotting after 5-7 minutes. Your blotting the spotted area would help you remove the stains. Use hot water to make your outfit cleaning better and the garment stain free. If your outfit has ball point stains, use alcohol to remove it. Pour a few drops of alcohol on the stain area and rub smoothly. Thereafter blot the area using a white and clean towel. The stains will start removing from your garment as the stains will transfer to the towel.

There are many other alternative ways for ink stain removal. The market (virtual or physical) is flooded with several stain removal products. They can be costlier, but they are effective. Cleaning your garment with these products can cost you cheaper than one done at a dry cleaner in your local market.

You need to be careful while purchasing salon dye stain removals. Try to never buy cheap products. Always select the one that is eco-friendly, cost effective and doesn’t leave any bad effect on your clothing. Such a cost-effective and high quality stain removal product will help you a lot in restoring your clothing.