Axon Health Associates In Manhattan Offers Sports Injury Care Options

New York City, NY, 08-JUNE-2016 – Axon Health Associates is pleased to announce that they offer care options for patients who have suffered from sports injuries. The chiropractor offices Manhattan NY professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide patients to a full recovery and restoration of mobility. The methods are individualized and gentle. The therapy designed to encourage the patient to participate in self-healing.

Injuries incurred while in sports events, whether professional or amateur, can affect the athletes in many ways. Common injuries are due to overexertion, as well as from falls and collisions. The athletes may also experience pain due to twisting or straining of muscles. When the injuries are severe enough to cause alignment problems, even more pain is the result.

The solutions offered by chiropractors do not depend on upon surgical procedures or upon drugs. Pharmaceuticals can affect the entire body in detrimental ways. Although drugs can mask pain, they do not help the body to heal. They can actually cause additional damage to body tissues and organs. The doctors at Axon Health Associates begin a consultation with a thorough examination of the patient, in order to determine where the injury has occurred and how to address it more effectively.

The methods that are included in a care plan for those patients who have suffered a sports injury may include an adjustment to the spinal column to ensure that alignment is restored. Injuries to soft tissue are addressed with techniques such as heat and cold, massage and electrotherapy. The doctors can also suggest preventative measures which help to avoid additional injury in the future.

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