Manhattan Chiropractic Office, Axon Health Associates, Provides Safe Solutions For Knee Pain

New York City, NY, 08-JUNE-2016 – Axon Health Associates is pleased to announce that knee pain can be relieved by the application of chiropractic methods. The knee joint and structure is a complex part of the body. It bears the weight of the body, as well as the stresses which occur from walking or running. The chiropractor offices Manhattan NY locals use are conveniently located and very much able to respond to the needs of patients suffering from knee pain.

When the alignment of the spinal column is off, it has an effect upon the spine, bu on the rest of the body as well. The hips can be stressed on one side or the other. This stress radiates to the knee joints. The result can be uneven wear in the joint. Where this affects the nerves, it is a condition which can significantly affect mobility and thus, the quality of life.

The chiropractor will perform a careful examination of the patient. The exam may include digital studies in order to check alignment and to determine the conditions which may be causing pain in the joint. If realignment of the spinal column is affecting the condition of a knee joint, the doctor will address alignment first.

Several sessions may be necessary to improve the alignment of the spine. Other methods are used to alleviate pain. These can include exercises to support weakened muscles, as well as posture correction. Encouraging the patient to participate in a more active lifestyle is both a therapy and a result.

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