New Owner of set to Invigorate Site

Greg Sanders, the new owner of, the ****** advice site, is planning to bring significant updates to the website in order to freshen its appeal.

Morayfield, QLD, Australia, June 08, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ – The site is aimed at women and its main benefit is that being from a male perspective, the site offers them insights in what men want from ****** and relationships.

The changes Sanders wants to introduce in include grouping past blog posts by category and date so visitors to the site can find specific advice more easily. “It’s a very good site but in its current form it is difficult to navigate,” says Sanders. “Visitors are having to scroll down to view past blogs and are prompted to click on the next page to view older posts.”

Since ****** and relationships are such broad topics, Sanders plans to categorise them based on blogs already posted on the site such as ‘mending broken relationships’, ‘first dates’, ‘long distance relationships’ and ‘moving in together’. This way, visitors can find the specific blog post that relates to their problem.

But in spite of the necessary changes, Sanders has high praise for the site’s content, “ gives women useful advice that is 100% practical on a wide range of ****** and relationship scenarios.” The advice has also shown to benefit readers. For example, Jade Davies from Rockhampton, Queensland says, “I have been ****** my boyfriend who runs his own business and I used to stress out about the lack of time we have together. But since reading the post on How to Date a Busy Man: 10 simple steps’, and followed the advice on taking on work and hobbies our relationship has improved and we appreciate more the time we have together.”

About is a ****** and relationship advice site aimed at women and written from a male perspective. The site contains many posts on several aspects of ****** and relationships from making long distance relationships work through to social media as silent relationship killers.

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