What Makes Chloe Sims ****** A Millionaire Again?

Chloe Sims Robert Tchenguiz

Message from the TOWIE star told that Chloe Sims and Robert Tchenguiz are “just friends”, and the two met through Chloe’s close buddy, who is Robert’s sister. Although the two are reluctant to admit their ****** story and just mentioned they are friends, the public have more thoughts on this millionaire ****** story.

Just Friends And Not ******?

This is not the first time to see Chloe and Robert together. On the other hand, they were spotted several times, and they are growing close. The latest catch of them was on Wednesday, when the pair were heading to LouLou’s club.

What makes them to fall in love with each other? Some Mr-know-alls provided the following possible reasons.

****** A Millionaire?

Everybody knows that Robert Tchenguiz is a successful businessman, and his wealth is at least $350 million. Is the the main arson for Towie baby to date him?

Age Gap ******?

Towie baby Chloe is just 33, while Robert is 55. What makes them to unite? Maybe Chloe is more preferred to someone who is older than her?

Don’t Want To Be Single?

Chloe was also linked to Mario Falcone and Elliott Wright, both are her co-stars at TOWIE. But later she didn’t talk anything about her love life with them. Message also says Chloe joined millionaireMatch ****** site earlier, does this mean she meet each other there? Or she didn’t find the right guy there and just wanted to end her single life?

What About Their Future?

Robert the business man said once before: “I just want to say to you, we’re friends. You’re a beautiful woman, you have a beautiful daughter, you have a great career. I respect all that and respect your honesty. You’re different in your life to where I might be. I will always fancy you. I think you’re a sort, but now I get it and it’s nice to have gained a really nice friend.”

If it works, we’ll be fortunate to see another successful age gap ****** story between the celebrities and business people.