What was behind Microsoft’s decision to purchase LinkedIn and how will it benefit customers?

On Tuesday 14 June, Microsoft announced it is purchasing LinkedIn for a colossal $26.2 billion, making it Microsoft’s largest acquisition deal ever.

Martin Neale, CEO of ICS said; “I believe the main drivers for the purchase of LinkedIn was Microsoft wishing to reduce the competitive threat of Facebook entering the business collaboration market and to put in place the pillars needed to build out their strategy of re-inventing business productivity.”

“Business productivity boils down to business process which typically has 2 groups of players – Actors; the people who run the process (Organisations) and Audiences; the people whom which the process is addressed at (Customers, Partners, Prospects etc). Organisations typically know a great deal about the actors but often very little about the audience e.g. marketing campaigns where little is known about the prospects or recruitment drive where little is known about the candidates. The combination of Microsoft’s productivity technology, LinkedIn’s network of 400m audience members and automation technologies such as FLEX creates a new and powerful way to connect Actors and Audiences, which has the potential to dramatically improve process outcomes.”

Martin continued; “I am really excited about the potential of our FLEX Automation technology to help Microsoft customers exploit the opportunity this LinkedIn investment will provide.”

ICS Solutions are a highly regarded Microsoft Gold Partner for over 20 years and the authors of FLEX. FLEX is automation technology that drives the deployment and adoption of Office 365 in 70% less time and cost than a traditional services led approach.

Anyone interested in learning more about FLEX Automation can find out by visiting www.flexautomation.net or contacting 01256 403800.

About ICS Solutions : ICS Solutions is a UK based, managed Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in delivering both on premise and cloud-based services and solutions across the Microsoft technology stack.

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