How to find a reliable painter in London?

A professional in the field of painting and decorating has created the most detailed guide for Londoners to find a reliable and trustworthy painter near their homes. Painting services London will never be that frustrating when you follow the step by step plan by Rob Normand.

Here is an exert from the article:

Word of Mouth

Has any of your friends or family used the services of a good house painter in London? Ask them and see what they tell you, it is a great way to receive first-hand references for good painters. If you don’t find anything satisfying, it is time to ask Mr. Google.

Company vs. a solo contractor

There are benefits and disadvantages to both choices.

For example, a subcontractor company might charge you a bit more than a local painter would. However, the chances of having issues with a painting company is minimal as such companies train and screen their painters thoroughly as they aim to keep a flawless reputation.

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