How to use hair color stain remover effectively?

I know you, as a salon owner, face several challenges in dealing with the customers and keeping your salon furniture well maintained. In your salon, customers come for various purposes – hair cutting, coloring, bleaching, facial and such more. While serving your customers, you use several types of colors, cosmetics and other allied products. Some of these products leave bad impact on the furniture items installed in your salon.

It is hair color that leaves very bad impact on your salon furniture especially chair and the glass frame. It leaves stains and the stains get dried if you do not wash them for a longer period. You face problem in removing those stains. You need not to get worried as the market is flooded with products like hair color stain remover.

Getting a stain remover is not enough. You need to use it wisely and carefully so that you can get success in removing hair color stain spotted on the furniture of your salon. For making the stain removing more effective, wipe the spotted parts of the chair and other furniture items. You can use a clean towel and apply it on the affected area. Spray the hair color stain remover with the use of applicator. Let the remover to start working on the stained area and wait for three to five minutes. Use a damp towel to wipe out. If the stains are of longer period, wait for 12 minutes and let the remover to work. Repeat the application again and again until the stain is completely removed.

It would be a wise and good decision for you to take a test of this product before applying it on your salon furniture. Spray it on an inconspicuous area and see that the finish or paint of the surface stay unchanged or gets changed. If it gets changed, stop using the hair color stain remover products. You need to be more careful and avoid skin touch with this product. Wash your hands after cleaning the furniture. Consult your doctor soon, if you have any type of physical touch with this stain removing product.