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Probably you already know, that in the United States there is a very common method of remoting processing of sendings – as  faster and more convenient. The user, without leaving home, can register  his sending on the official USPS website and get all the needful information. In such a way, he has the ability to print all the information for sending, which is sticked directly to the sending. Besides, you can immediately pay for postal services by any of the methods, which is available in the internet. Immediately after the registration, the track number of sender’s parcel becomes known. Even in a situation, when he has not left his apartment, but only entered into the USPS information base. But now, at any convenient  time your parcel can be delivered directly to the postal office, and for this, too, you don’t necessarily need to leave the house, but only call to a courier. Besides, you will have even wider opportunities: having a USPS track number of your parcel, you can track it any time. In this case you will see all the available information about the movement of your parcel. For your convenience we have created our website

Let us in short tell you about the main advantages of our service and about tracking in general. USPS tracking number  is a special identificator, which is given to your parcel after the registration. It is very informative. As it is individual and thus will help to determine the whereabout of your parcel. You don’t need any more to have sleepless nights and to stay in the dark about your parcel. Having this number you can get all the available information about the movement of your parcel anytime.  To see on your monitor all the data about your cargo, you need to enter your tracking number in the special field on the resource. After pressing the button TRACK IT, in several seconds you will see the status of your sending.

Tracking of USPS parcels is not the only one service for the comfort of a client. You can also calculate the approximate cost of postal delivery, using an online calculator of  the USPS service. If you use it, do not forget that the length is indicated in inches and weight in pounds or ounces. Opening the online calculator page to calculate the shipping cost, you can easily find their way on the proposed transfer service types, which differ in conditions, terms of delivery, tracking capabilities, and have certain limitations in weight and dimensions.

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