Formerly known as Open ERP, odoo is one of the trusted ERP Solutions for business. Being an open source, it offers a complete business suite for the company, integrate all important processes within a single process and solve the enterprise problems.

This ERP module development is like a multifunctional enterprise solution that operates on the basis of integrated collection of software elements. These solutions provide an analysis of a firm along with its production, inventory, management and processing. With the odoo implementation, most of the database is managed by the means of database management system. In addition, this ERP solution supports businesses in tracking order consignments along with business resources.

With this software solution, you (business owners) can easily modify your ERP solution. You can do it through the Odoo module development or through internal customization option. It applies module based architecture i.e. you can plug and play several different features and functionalities without hampering the other elements of this system. With minimum dependency of modules on one another, the odoo implementation is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the functionality of the Odoo ERP solution. There are five steps mentioned here for the implementation of odoo ERP solution:

Comprehend business requirements

At first, you need to comprehend your business needs accurately. It is very hard to develop the perfect solution for the business without comprehending the requirements. The number of clients it is handling daily and other important stats are taken into account before proceeding.

Plan properly

In the next step, you need to confirm your business requirements and move to odoo implementation. Figure out a rough plan and start to work on it. Always keep your business requirements in top priority while making decisions.

Move to development phase

When you complete the comprehending of business needs and planning, go ahead for development. The idea behind the developing the module is to serve your business in the right way. The development is done in accordance with the industry norms and standards.

Test the module

Try to test your odoo ERP solution with all the probable test cases. Most of the solutions are developed to work as per the expectations.

Do implementation and integration

In this step, the odoo module or ERP solution is successfully integrated into your business system.