Morplan has personalised logo’s covered

Morplan, the leading wholesale supplier to the UK’s retail industry has just extended it’s logo printing service to cover suit carriers and gown covers.

Now fashion retailers as well as bridal shops, dress hire outlets and dry cleaners can all brand their suit and gown carriers quickly, easily and professionally. With minimum orders taken for as few as 50 items even specialist boutiques can afford to increase their brand awareness, and because the service is offered by Morplan – who also sell the suit and gown carriers – prices are kept to a minimum.

Morplan has been offering a personalised logo printing service for some years now – primarily focusing on carrier bags (paper and plastic), hangers, size markers, tickets and labels – but the move to offering branded suit and gown carriers offers more longevity of brand visibility since these items inevitably have a longer shelf life. It also means that the logo’s can appear far larger than before and will be seen both on the high street and in transit, as well as at key marketing locations for these retailers such as weddings.

With hundreds of different logo branding options available to retailers, it is suggested they check out the options online at but then talk to a specials sales advisor about their specific needs.

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