Step for Choosing Commercial and Residential Storage and Removal Needs

Furniture Removalists AdelaideCommercial or residential storage – never know when you might need it!

During the recent fire in the neighbourhood which threatened to engulf our home (but thankfully did not), I had to make numerous phone calls to help evacuate our furniture on an emergency basis, storage included. Would you be amazed if I said that out of 14 phone calls to numbers garnered from the Business Yellow Pages, only two indicated a vague degree of interest? Fortunately a neighbour recommended Advanced Removals ( ). They turned out to be agents who matched customer requirement to the best service provider and also supervised the whole thing – all for a fee of course.

These guys not only responded immediately but they and a removalist arrived within the hour and begin emergency evacuation of all our furniture. Dang! They even managed to evacuate our refrigerator and cooking range. Understandably, packing was given the go by. The main focus was removing everything as quickly as humanly possible which watching these guys work, was nothing short of amazing.

Once the huge vehicle was loaded, they shipped it off to a commercial and residential Removalists Albury and storage facility about 12 kilometres to the south. The commercial and residential storage too was arranged by Advanced Removals. Amazingly, it had a refrigerated section so we were able to rent out cold storage and store all the meats from our cold storage.

Nothing was wasted or spoilt.

A week later after everything had settled down and the fire officials declared the neighbourhood safe, we moved everything back to our home. This time too an official from Advanced Removals accompanied the removalist and ensured the reverse move went smoothly. In fact, we hardly had anything to do except point out how the furniture was to be arranged.

So yea, if you ever need commercial or residential storage and removal whether combined or otherwise, you can either pick the most likely names from the business directory or yellow pages and good luck with arranging anything or; you can call Advance Removals directly at 1300-882-444 and tell them what you need done, sit back and relax in total assurance that your needs will be taken care of just the way you wanted it done.

One would think that in this age of competition, a customer requesting for immediate Tamworth Removalists service and willing to pay for the emergency would be a God-send. But it seems removalists either have too much custom or don’t care for your business! My step is to call in Advance Removals – there simply is nothing better out there.