Old Blood Stain – How to Remove It

Stain whether it is of blood or ink is very bad for the image of the furniture, furnishing or cloths. If not removed soon, it becomes hard to get rid of as it gets dried. Removing the stain from your carpets can help you save your hard earned money by not replacing expensive furnishing items.

Useful & Effective Tips For Old Blood Stain Removal

You know your carpet is very expensive and hence, you need to take proper care of it while removing the blood stain from it. Don’t rub hard on the carpet as this can force the stain deep into the material. In the first method, mix some mild and non-alkali detergent in the lukewarm water. Apply this solution on the affected area. Blot the spotted area to take out the stain and keep the blotting going on until the stained area gets cleaned. If the stain still remains, mix small amount of ammonia to water and dip a sponge into the liquid and use it on the spotted area if the carpet is not of wool. Again blot the area and keep it doing until the liquid stops coming out from the carpet.

For old blood stain removal, you can use lemonade or tonic water. Apply this liquid on the spotted area and let it to sit on the stain. Wait for four-five minutes. Dab the stained area with clean rags, but don’t rub as it can make the matter worse. If you really want to know a completely natural method of how to remove blood stains, good old-fashioned spit can be the answer! The enzymes in spit will support you to degrade the proteins in blood. The mix of cold water and spit can help remove smaller stains, but isn’t an effective idea for larger spotted areas.

The markets around you are flooded with several types of old blood stain removals. These products have instructions for stain removal. You need to go through the instructions carefully before applying the cleaning products. At first, try the product on old cloth before using on your expensive carpet. It will help you a lot in saving the carpet from getting damaged. Use the solution the carpet when you become sure that it won’t affect it.