Sacramento Beauty School, Hoss Lee Academy, Creates Fun Learning Environment For Students

Roseville CA, 30-JUNE-2016 – Hoss Lee Academy is pleased to announce that the instructors and staff of the institution make every effort to ensure that students learn in an environment which is fun. The cosmetology school Sacramento location is convenient for students and for residents of the community who can make use of the services of the salon. The devotion of the instructors to the learning environment helps to make students who are skilled in the pursuit of their career goals.

The classes are conducted in modern, well-lighted and clean classrooms. The classes are intended to be interesting and the instructors are knowledgeable in the topics which they present. This knowledge base is enhanced by the instructional techniques and technology to present the information in a helpful and lively manner. Students will find that the instructors are dedicated to giving each student the best possible preparation for a career in the industry.

Students gain practical experience in the salon which is attached to the school. Customers from the community come to the school and receive all the services which are part of a career in cosmetology. The students work under the supervision and guidance of experienced instructors. Work in the salon helps students to interact with people and practice good customer relations.

The combination of knowledge and experience is completed readily. Students are able to attend classes part time or full time. The full-time schedule helps students to complete the studies more quickly. If the student must work while taking classes, a part-time schedule can be arranged.

Learn more about the learning environment at Hoss Lee Academy by visiting the web pages at now. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact the school at the location given below.

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