Seattle Chiropractic Office, North Star Chiropractic Center, Provides Safe Solutions For Whiplash

Seattle WA, 02-JULY-2016 – North Star Chiropractic Center and Dr. Paul Early are pleased to announce that the doctor offers reliable and safe solutions for whiplash injuries. The Seattle chiropractic office team has a series of solutions for helping patients who have experienced a whiplash. A whiplash is defined as an injury to the cervical spine column and the connective tissue which is associated with the area.

The injury can be caused by a slip-and-fall event, or more commonly, an automobile accident. In a vehicle collision, the head is thrown violently forward or backward, which can cause the muscles and connective tissue to be over-extended. The symptoms of a whiplash are not always felt immediately. If this type of injury is suspected, it is wise to schedule a consultation with the chiropractor as soon as possible. Prompt action may prevent the development of much of the painful symptoms.

Dr. Early DC does a physical examination in order to determine the exact location of the injury. This information allows him to design and implement a therapy plan. The doctor may require digital imaging in order to obtain a full picture of the injuries. A first therapy step is likely to be a manual adjustment of the vertebrae which may have been moved out of position by the forces of the accident.

Other techniques which may be applied in the protocol include heat and cold, ultrasound, electrotherapy, and massage. Improving circulation to damaged tissues helps to bring nutrients to damaged tissues. Restoring the entire body to a state of wellness allows for a higher quality of life.

Learn more about solutions for whiplash by checking out our web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Paul Early at the location provided below.

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