Tallahassee Chiropractors, Dr. Dennis Fiorini And Dr. Atkinson, Helps Motor Vehicle Injury Sufferers

Tallahassee FL, 04-JULY-2016 – Fiorini Chiropractic Center, Dr. Dennis Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson, DC., are pleased to announce that victims of motor vehicle accident injuries can find chiropractic measures which relieve pain and promote healing. The Tallahassee chiropractic team provides the methods and knowledge which help the victim of the accident to begin healing. A three-phased program is designed for each patient. Before the therapy begins, a careful examination will identify the injured areas.

The relief of acute pain levels is usually the first step in a plan of therapy. When the injuries first occur, they often cause a high level of pain. Prompt action by the chiropractic team is focused on providing relief from the early pain. The techniques may include heat and cold therapy, massage and ultrasound. Employing these methods may prevent some of the pain from developing.

Once the acute pain levels have been relieved, the chiropractor moves on to the second major phase of therapy. These efforts are focused on promoting healing for any damaged body parts. Continued improvement of the areas where the injuries were identified is part of the body’s capacity for self-healing. This may be related to the cellular level rebuilding of damaged parts of the body.

The third phase which a chiropractor enters is to improve the overall health of the body. Any injury has a profound effect on the wellness level of the body. The specific techniques may include nutritional counseling, a recommendation of helpful exercises and obtaining adequate restful sleep. Raising the wellness level benefits the patient throughout the lifetime.

Learn more about healing for motor vehicle injuries by visiting the web pages at www.fiorinichiropractic.com today. Members of the press and those who have questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson DC at the location which follows.

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