Students are choosing to live in solitude.

An increasing numbers students are choosing to live on their own rather than with house mates. As a result, this is leading to an increase in the number of Studio properties within student areas. Finding the right type of accommodation is important to everyone and students are no exception. Having somewhere to spend time studying in comfort can make a big difference.

During the first year at University Students will often live in shared halls of residence. While sharing living areas or even bedrooms with other students they discover the importance of having a space of their own to enjoy relaxation, studying and social visits. While in the past students would often find a group of friends to live with in a student household, recently students have shown an increased interest in studios to let within areas near Universities. This interest isn’t hard to understand when you look at all the benefits a studio can offer a student at the University.

What are students looking for?

Just like anyone looking for accommodation, students have a checklist of what they want when looking for their next property. Often a student won’t have much to spend on their living. Studios are affordable, and easily falls within a student’s price range. Equally a student often looks for independence when going to University. Living in a studio property is great for independence due to having a dedicated living space which can be organised by a sole tenant or a sharing couple. For those students looking to strike out on their own in terms of living arrangements, a studio is perfect. Most studio lets will also have utilities and possibly even Wi-Fi provided as part of the rent, which makes the whole process easier for tenants.

Studios are also high in demand from international students. Students from countries such as China and Germany often travel to the UK to study at university. Perhaps the biggest reason for this high demand of studios to international students is because there’s much less stress and intimidation when moving into a studio on your own, than there is when moving into a house with people you don’t know.

What are landlords doing?

Because of this increase in demand of studios from students, landlords are having to offer more studio lets to keep up with demand, meaning these properties have a great yield for landlords. This surge in desire for studio properties has meant that more properties are being built to keep up with demand. Some landlords are also converting conventional student houses into studios. Unihousing, based near the University of Birmingham, is one such company that’s doing this. Unihousing has a large range of different properties, including a growing selection of studios.

Studio Selly Oak

An example of one of their properties being converted is 101 Dawlish Road. This property was let by Unihousing as a shared student house in 2015, but at the time of writing this article it is in the process of being converted into studios. Each of the new studios will have modern kitchen appliances, an open plan dining / living area and a shower room. Close to the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmingham it offers convenience for University of Birmingham students. It is also a short walk away from entering the night life of the Selly Oak student village. Students are keen to take these converted studios, and it is not hard to understand why. You can view more examples of converted studios on the Unihousing website.

What does this trend in solitary living say about the UK student population? Are students becoming more insular, choosing social media in place of face-to-face contact with each other? Is this trend just a result of the increasing self-reliance and independence shown by a more confident generation, or is it merely an expression of the perceived wealth of a generation with cheap credit within reach. Perhaps it’s a little bit of all of the above?

About Unihousing

Unihousing logo

Unihousing is a landlord based in Selly Oak who own all of their properties. This business model helps to keep their costs down. They rent out properties from studio apartments to houses. Because Unihousing doesn’t use an agency, they can provide excellent accommodation at affordable prices. This also allows them to maintain their properties using their own qualified team of tradesmen. This means that renters don’t have to deal with a third party, and instead deal with the local maintenance office.