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Much the same result is expected when the bill gets to the floor of the equally GOP dominated Senate on Friday.The bill (HB702/SB830) targets only five of the state’s counties (and “targets” is definitely the right verb).The provision of the bill that limits it to those counties stems from an amendment by state Rep.Defining the application that way nets the five counties listed four of which Knox (Knoxville) Hamilton (Chattanooga) Davidson (Nashville) and Shelby (Memphis) happen to be the sites of the state’s largest urban school systems. Hardeman (Bolivar) makes the list because it is home to a large rural and impoverished African American population.The original version of the bill sponsored by Mark White (R Germantown) and Dolores Gresham (R Somerville) was based on population and too arbitrarily had Davidson and Shelby counties in its sights.

Mayor Emanuel has been aggressively campaigning for the city to install hundreds of cameras that will record and automatically ticket drivers traveling above the speed limit in “safety zones.” Although Gov. Pat Quinn signed off nba 2k17 vc on the measure in February nba 2k mt aldermen have been pushing back buy mt points asking Emanuel to limit the hours the cameras operate and cut their numbers amid overwhelming public disapproval for the plan.