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internet marketing product launch calendar  The aims of online promotion include communicating a message and conducting research. In addition, company’s also use it to sell their goods and services via the internet. This form of promotion is built around a number of components.

Setting up the website is perhaps the most important component. When you set up your website you will need to add content and images as well as make use of audio and video – all of which helps in conveying a suitable message to the viewer and customer.

Search engine marketing is another important component of internet marketing. It involves marketing of a website via the main search engines. To improve your site’s rankings you will need to make use of search engine optimization (SEO) and through use of purchase of pay-per-click advertisements.

The third important component of online promotion is email marketing. This method involves use of distribution of information via emails. Before sending the emails, the online business will need to get or acquire addresses of potential customers. This form of promotion is very similar to direct mail marketing.http://jvplanet.com/