Important factors in a Sandwich Panel company

Generally, there are three important factors in a Sandwich Panel company that every buying manager should look for in a manufacturer. Firstly, the service should provide hard wall and soft wall clean rooms. Secondly, a variety of necessary components should be provided. And thirdly, they should offer a service that handles everything from the initial contact to integration. By choosing a service that consolidates selection, construction and customer service, any business can obtain the clean room solution that they require for their contamination-free environment.

With the advice of the manufacturer, the company can determine if they require a hard wall or soft wall clean room. For one thing, a modular hard wall clean room provides acrylic panels for full visibility and superior tensile strength, which are lightweight and easy to clean. Also, polycarbonate is available to resist many common acids, solvents and cleaning solutions. And polypropylene can provide resistance to acids and other chemicals.

For another, a soft wall clean room is easy to ship and install. Soft wall clean room panels and strip shields attach to the support frame by means of a unique mounting system that eliminates cracks and seams where germs or particles can collect. Panels and strips are available in three materials. They can be ordered with a clear or frosted appearance.

A clean room will require components, so that employees can work efficiently and comfortably. Some of these accessories include furniture, fan filter unites, modular fluorescent lights, laboratory mini-hood, clean room clothing, desiccators cabinets, clean room air showers, exhaust fume hoods, etc.

Depending on the industry, whether it is food packaging, aerospace or pharmaceutical, some or all of these clean room accessories may be necessary to complete the setup and begin using the clean room.

It’s crucial that a Clean Room Panels manufacturer should be selected that can take care of every aspect of the project from the initial consultation to the integration of the clean room. The company should encourage questions and comments, and provide advice where it is needed. Expert manufacturers that have been in the clean room business for many years will have evolved with the technology of the changing times, and will be able to guide and recommended the type of clean room and the components that will assist with fulfilling the task that the clean room has been built to achieve.