Slovin Chiropractic Center In Norwalk CT, Helps Alleviate Neck Pain Without Surgery

Norwalk, CT, 23-JULY-2016 – Slovin Chiropractic Center and Drs. Brenda and Eric Slovin, are pleased to announce that patients who suffer from neck pain can find solutions from the use of chiropractic measures. No invasive procedures are used by chiropractors. Instead, the Norwalk CT chiropractic team promotes all natural methods to relieve painful conditions. The causes of neck pain are often linked to accidents or to poor posture.

Chiropractors begin the care of patients with a careful examination. The physical exam is often combined with a patient history and with digital imaging studies. The data collected from these three sources is utilized to create a care plan which is customized for the specific patient. The doctors will address both structural and soft tissue problems.

For patients with alignment issues, the first step in therapy is to restore alignment. Chiropractic techniques often include an adjustment to the vertebral column. The restoration of alignment allows the nerve signals to and from the brain and extremities to travel freely. The pressure on the intervertebral discs is relieved. When the correct spacing between vertebrae is restored, the pressure on the discs is relieved, permitting them to re-hydrate.

Sort tissues can also be the cause of pain. Sometimes the soft tissue pain is related to misalignment of the spinal column. Therapy which is effective in alleviating soft tissue pain includes massage, electrotherapy, and ultrasound. Chiropractors may offer long-term pain preventative measures such as posture training and strengthening exercises. The patient may also be encouraged to make changes in ergonomic equipment in the workplace.

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