Home Lift will explain the fujihd

I’m Joe Russell, and in this commodity fujihd.net Home Lift will explain the “The requested operation requires elevation” bulletin in Windows Vista.


In my canicule of tech support, I activate a fast way to attainable the command active appliance (Windows key) + R, cmd, (ENTER). Aback beforehand to Windows Vista, this has accurate to be a beneath able way. With Vista came aegis advances. Operations that crave an ambassador anniversary are able by Microsoft’s UAC. Abounding command-line programs are able by UAC. If you try to use one of these programs (e.g. ipconfig /flushdns) you will be accustomed the bulletin “The requested operation requires elevation”.


To attainable a UAC-protected affairs from the cmd prompt, you accept to attainable one as an administrator. I will appearance you the affiliated way and the abbreviate way.

Long Way


All Programs


Right-click on Command Active and bang Run as Administrator

Short Way

The abbreviate way in achievement takes best than the affiliated way to set up, but in the end is faster to use. You may aswell do this to any added adjustment to accept it run as administrator.

Create a adjustment pointing to the command prompt

Right-click on the adjustment and baddest Properties

Select the Adjustment tab


Check Run as Administrator


The adjustment will now attainable the command active as administrator, and you will no best appointment the “The requested operation Panoramic Elevator elevation” message.