Zeigler Chiropractic In Denver, Provides Safe Pregnancy Pain Relief Options

Denver CO, 24-JULY-2016 – Zeigler Chiropractic and Dr. Miaken L. Zeigler DC, are pleased to announce that they offer safe relief for pain which occurs during pregnancy. While women are pregnant, there are often muscle strains due to the weight of the developing baby. The spinal alignment is affected as the center of balance changes. The Denver chiropractor uses safe and natural methods to alleviate the pain in a safe manner.

Chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant. Chiropractic care maintains the health of the spinal column, related nerves, discs and bone alignment without surgery or drugs. Chiropractic is the art and science of adjusting misaligned spinal joints. In the process, stress on spinal nerves is reduced, and health throughout the body is promoted.

During pregnancy, there are a number of changes which can cause a misaligned spine or joints. These include a protruding abdomen and increased curvature of the back, pelvic changes and adaptations in posture. The misalignment of the pelvis, there may be reduced room available for the baby, It may also cause problems for the baby to get into the best position for delivery.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy offers several benefits for mothers-to-be. These include a healthier pregnancy, control of nausea symptoms, reduction of the labor and delivery time, relief of back, neck or joint pain and prevention of a potential cesarean delivery. The methods used by Dr. Zeigler DC are specifically designed to be safe for pregnant women. There is no risk for the health of the mother or the baby.

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