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Crystal Peacock – Loyal Member.So the clear peacock looks absolutely alarming and candidly one of my new admired pets in the game. About the alone way to admission this is by accepting a Gold Premiere club affiliate or affairs a bold card. My catechism is, why don’t loyal associates aswell get rs gold accepting like this?

I afresh got the 5 year acme in game, and while that’s air-conditioned and all I don’t feel it shows how loyal a amateur has been.

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I candidly anticipate the clear peacock should be accustomed to loyal associates alongside those who already accept acquired it. I anticipate paying associates for so abounding years is account a pet like that, and not just a acme that is absolutely attenuate and harder to see.

If they gave it to all players who had been associates for x bulk of time… wouldn’t it just become a adherence abundance item? This is an allurement to buy prepaid cards, Gold associates get all that accepting as allotment of the package, it’s not anon for them.

I get your point though, the 5 year acme is a bit underwhelming.It should accept been allotment of the Summer Promo Amalgamation as well.

The Summer Promo says we get admission to aggregate in the summer and with this still accepting a ages for the summer promo, they should get it.

You guy accept a abhorrent way of assuming account to loyal players. All you are accomplishing is banishment the loyal amateur to pay added because we aren’t at the absolute bulk because we are earlier members. In added words, you are still accepting the accepted bulk from loyal and old players.

Well promo items are promo items all kinds of amateur accept them it’s to advance pre orders bold cards etc in retail shops so that their banal is a little bit added desireable for a bound time thats the accomplished point of a promo account and it works on any bold agenda so its not that expendisve to buy a 1 ages card.

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