Printing of Birth & Death Form, Infra Ocular Lenses

Government Of Maharashtra, Joint Director of Health Services (Procurement Cell). Mumbai invites tenders in two envelope systems from the eligible bidders for the following items for requirements of Health Institutes under this Directorate. Tendersontime, a leading business leading Online Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Name of Items Typo


Pre bid
Period of sale.


l       &
submission of bid

1 E-13 Printing of Birth & Death Form Sale
30.07.16 at
14:00 hrs.
25.07.16 10.00 am to
08.08.16 up to 14:00 hrs.
at 14.01 hrs.
2 E-58 Infra Ocular Lenses Second
. up to 01.08.16 up to 14:00 hrs 02.08.16
at 14.01 hrs,


  1. For Beta led information, the interested bidders may visit the website.
  2. The Jt. D rector of Health Services, (P.Cell), Mumbai reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantity to be purchased and also reserves the right to cancel all the tender without giving any reason to.

For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email at or register on the website:

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