Why Every Horse Needs A Fly Mask

At some point everyone from future horse trainers to casual pedestrians wonder why some horses wear quaint masks. The Trader Shop, a seller of these masks, is here to answer.


Horses are gentle creatures despite their stature and are easily affected by mosquitos, flies, and parasites. To remedy this many horse owners fit a comfortable, transparent, and protective mask provided by The Trader Shop on their horses. These masks prevent against an unbelievable number of injuries; unfortunately, numerous horse owners are simply unaware of a fly mask as a solution to the trouble plaguing their horses.

The most obvious problem solved by a fly mask is the issue of fly bites. Bites around the eye can lead to severe swelling, in some cases swelling the eye shut. Needless to say no horse or horse owner wants this. The masks also prevent a variety of other pests including everything from mosquitos to screwworm eggs. As side benefit the masks from The Trader Shop filter 90% of all UV rays, over 30% more than the industry standard. The Trader Shop has done the equestrian community a true service by pairing this UV protection with durable material that keeps its form after being washed in any washing machine.


About The Trader Shop

The Trader Shop has been in business for over thirty years and are experts in protection. As a manufacturer of fly masks they have a passion for horse health and do everything possible to ensure no horse gets hurt. They specialize in crafting breathable masks that neither overheat nor impair vision. Each fly mask is produced with no inward facing seams around the eye, protecting the horse from irritation. When buying from the The Trader Shop no third parties are involved so every product comes as desired. With their wealth of experience and 100% positive feedback on etsy, The Trader Shop is the clear decision.
For more information visit www.etsy.com/people/thetrader4you.