How to Create an Outlook Data File

Tech support to create outlook data file

A PST file stores mail, calendar, contacts and other objects are known as data files in relation to Microsoft Outlook mail program. It is quite simple to find the default location of PST file by checking Microsoft Outlook application the exact path of the location of the file.

History PST File

PST File was introduced with Outlook 2003. It can be the key to back up your e-mail. A .pst file is a small, compact database that stores e-mails and attachments. PST files can be transferred via flash drive, CD or DVD and imported to a computer running the same version of Outlook. For any issues with outlook data files, feel free to contact on Outlook technical support number for instant support service.

How to create an Outlook Data File

  • When you run Microsoft Outlook for the first time, the necessary data files are created automatically. However, you may need to create additional data files.
  • Click New elements in the group New tab Home, point to several elements, and then click Outlook Data File.
  • In the dialog box, create or open Outlook data file you need in the File Name, type the name that you want it to appear in the Outlook Navigation Pane, and then click OK.
  • Data files are by default not protected with a password. To add a password to the data file, type the password you want to use in the text fields Password and Confirm Password below Password.