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I was not absolutely clear

Sorry I wasn’t absolutely clear. Afterwards account your posts I affected you capital this adoration adjustment to be F2P and that’s not something I support. Just because there’s no “you accept to be affiliate to runescape 07 gold do this” message, doesn’t beggarly it’s bugged, but rather some advice is missing.

You affected correctly, I absolutely ambition this adjustment would be F2P, because it would advice all chargeless players who ambition to alternation adoration (which is currently ridiculously apathetic and expensive). And it would advice all chargeless players who ambition to see a added active wilderness.

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I accept why you do not abutment it though, your 99 adoration accept to accept bulk millions.

I don’t abutment for two reasons:

1) It doesn’t advice the Wilderness at all, unless those training adoration would in actuality accompany risk. If they would be risking, I wouldn’t mind.

2) I anticipate there would be abundant bigger means to advance the XP ante of adoration in F2P. We accept affluence of asleep minigames that allegation new rewards. Adding items that advice with training adoration as rewards would both accompany added action to minigames and advance prayer.

You’re amiss if you accept I don’t abutment it because I’ve absorb a lot of money on accepting 99 Adoration in the past. I absolutely don’t affliction about money, but I do affliction about difficulty. I don’t anticipate it should become abundant easier to get 99 Prayer, but it could be a lot added fun and there should be added array in training methods.

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