Tweezing is still more popular among men. Says Bekos, producer of professional Precision Tweezers Set

According to the new research of Bekos company, which is focused on manufacturing professional eyebrow tweezers and ingrown hair tweezers (Bekos Precision Tweezers Set), men are still more focusing on the shape of their eyebrows.

53 percent of asked men replied, that they are shaping they eyebrows every week, because it is simply “IN”. Next 19 % of men are shaping their eyebrows because their partner wants it. Rest (28 %) of men don’t tweeze their eyebrows.

As you can see tweezing eyebrows is not standard just among woman, but it is becoming more and more routine among men. According to the psychologists the trends is caused by changing of human instincts. “Hundred years ago man was the conqueror. He wasn’t supposed to be beautiful. He was supposed to take care about his wife, family or community. Today it is different. We have many independent women who don’t need the conqueror or someone who is bringing home the money. They are just looking for a nice guy,” says psychologists.

But not only for shaping eyebrows are men using tweezers. There are using it also for tweezing unwanted facial hair (3 % of respondents). According to their statement, even if it is more painful and it takes more time, the hairs are not growing so fast and they are slowly disappearing.

Man hair are a bit harder than women hair, this is why for tweezing this kind of hair is necessity to have high quality tweezers. For this purpose, has Bekos made Professional Precision Tweezers Set, which is consist of one slant tweezers and one pointed tweezers, made form highest quality Japanese J2 stainless steel and calibrated for the highest precision. It all in very luxury dark brown rexine case. Of course, Bekos precision is great tool for women too.

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