“Miracle-preneuring” gives new meaning to the term, ‘Entrepreneur’ and enables people to fearlessly follow their dreams

At 19, VarunChoraria, author of Miracle-preneuring strongly suggests that one need not have a business degree or belong to a certain age group in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Through this book, he strongly recommends everyone to stop living a life filled with dullness and go ahead and make money from something that they’re truly passionate about.

August 3rd 2016 – Miracle-preneuring is especially a book that has been written by VarunChoraria for people who want to have more control over their own lives but are too afraid to take that step. It’s an extensive 172 page eBook that gets into the nitty gritty details of life as an entrepreneur and how one can live a life that they’ve always only dreamt about. Not only can one buy it as an eBook, they can also buy a print copy, read it on their Kindle or as an iBook as well. One need not be a graduate from the best business school in the world or be a youngster with millions available to invest in their start up. All one needs to be a successful entrepreneur is their passion and a willingness to take risks and learn at every step of the way.

This is what Miracle-preneuring helps one achieve. It helps them follow steps strategically and systematically in the sense that entrepreneurs are game changers, they take the opportunity at hand and convert it to their will. Miracle-preneuring says that being an entrepreneur is not just business alone, but it is essentially a state of mind. Through this book, author VarunChoraria reinforces the fact that everybody should consider becoming an entrepreneur as it truly helps people feel liberated by enabling them to follow their passion and live the life that they’ve always dreamt of. The hashtag #iammiracle has been trending immensely where more people are taking the right initiative and are taking control of their lives- it’s now a symbol of this movement.

“The reason it worked out so well for me because I channelised the most valuable asset- time. Sure, doing this stuff at 19 seems outlandish and extraordinary, but the passion that I live everyday has made me slave to it, and I’m inspired to do more of it everyday. That’s the wind up.” – VarunChoraria, author / Co – founder & Operations Head, WiseWordsPro Digital Solutions

Through the Miracle-preneuring book that is available in print (amazon.com), kindle and iBooks worldwide, the author VarunChoraria explains that one need not be born into a wealthy family to become a businessman. All one needs is character, perseverance and hard work. Once one has managed to get these three elements in their daily lives, there is no way that their business will not take off.

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