New Style Of Horse Eye Mask To Disrupt The Market

When the August heat hits, full-coverage horse eye masks can overheat the wearer causing sweating, dampness, and eventually irritation. The Trader Shop is here to help.


As summer heat grows more intense a traditional fly preventing horse eye mask simply will not cut it. To remedy this issue The Trader Shop has launched its new line of horse masks. These lower cut, sleeker masks allow the horse’s skin to remain cool while effectively preventing dangerous fly bites around the eyes.


Every qualified horse trainer knows the danger of going without a horse eye mask, but few understand that overuse of these masks can cause severe damage. Masks can cause irritation, bald spots, and more, all because of the sweat and subsequent rubbing they induce. With The Trader Shop’s low profile ‘bikini’ mask there is no fear of causing a horse this kind of pain. All the benefits of a full mask still stand, preventing screwworm, tapeworm, and other parasites. Additionally The Trader Shop offers ninety percent UV ray protection, keeping horse eyes safe from harmful bites and harmful lights.


About The Trader Shop

As an esteemed company dedicated to creating high-quality horse eye masks, The Trader Shop set out to ensure no horse undergoes undue pain. And after over thirty years in business, The Trader Shop has devoted itself to becoming the go-to experts in horse protection. Even with this massive time in the market, The Trader Shop maintains a 100% positive feedback rating on etsy. They exclusively produce breathable masks that neither overheat nor impair vision. Every horse eye mask is guaranteed to prevent irritation without causing irritation as far too many masks do. By removing interior seams around the eye the horse is protected from needless pain. With experience, dedication, and passion The Trader Shop is the clear choice for protective and breathable horse eye masks.

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