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Companions are the “pets” of Swtor and every class not only has access to a companion swtor buy credits but they are almost a requirement to play the game. As you could have already guessed companions follow you everywhere and benefit you many different ways, one of those ways by helping you fight in combat. But that’s not all. In Swtor companions play a major role throughout the game by being the only way players can participate in the “crew skills” system that Bioware has in place.

For those still uinfamiliar with Swtor, Crew Skills is pretty much the general blanket term for all Tradeskills currently in the game. In Swtor players are able to have their companions craft items for them when they are not around, have their companions gather items for them and even send their companions on missions. All three of these things that your companions are able to do can be done while the player is online or offline, it doesn’t even matter!

The way Bioware has the Crew Skills system set up is quite interesting and is one of the most unqiue things I have come across when playing an MMORPG. The concept of being able to send your companions out on missions to gather items for you when you’re no where even near them is just plain awesome. Now that you know the general idea behind companions and how they affect your game it is time to go into more detail.

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