If your any Gmail issues then solution is here

Okay. One fine day you noticed that your Gmail is stopped its working. Now, you are looking for the solutions to fix the issue. We know that your email inbox have as many crucial emails and contacts. So, it is quite important for you to unlock the email account. Don’t get panic. Gmail customer support is the best team you approach for resolving mailing issues. Let’s examine the best ways to contact the Gmail customer support team.

Before starts discussing on this topic, we want to say that Gmail do not have a technical support phone number and support chat option. So, do not try to get it. But for the beginning 1-year, Gmail provides its end support via support form and when they received abundant numbers of queries on each day, it was found as impossible to replay queries of each user via form. So they stopped giving support through the form. Now, what are the other ways to connect Gmail customer support team?

There are two ways to connect with the Gmail customer support team. The primary one is through help forum and the second method is through the help center page.

Gmail customer support via forum

The pro of using support forum is you can discuss your mailing issue with Gmail team. If your question is genuine, you can expect a replay from the Gmail customer support team within 24 hours. Self-promotional or spam links added to this group will be terminated within hours. So, beware of that.

Gmail customer support via Help Center

Are you technically sound about various settings and customization features of Gmail? Then, you no need to wait for someone’s response via support forum. Access support.google.com/mail/ to connect with the Gmail help center. Search for the solution in the search bar that added to the top of the page. Search with relevant keywords and hit enter to see the refined results. Choose the top 5 results to find the best answer matching to your query. You can also browse through the topics given there to see the solutions matching to your query. For more information visit here: http://www.email-contacthelp.com/gmail-technical-support.html