OE85 Celebrates Anniversary with Release of Mental Health Awareness Track

OE85 Celebrates Anniversary with Release of Mental Health Awareness Track

“Friendly Reminder” serves as the first track from OE85 Presents… compilation scheduled for release later this year.

Athens, GA, August 5th – In celebrating one full year of existence, non-profit organization Onyx Echelon 85 Enterprises, LLC, or OE85 for short, is releasing the track “Friendly Reminder” featuring OE85 artists Milyssa Rose and Karenna for streaming on Soundcloud and for purchase on all digital platforms.  The Papi Hey produced track serves as the first track from an upcoming indie-artist centric compilation scheduled for release later this year and a ‘friendly reminder’ of sorts that how one may feel on the surface does not necessarily reflect how he or she feels inside.

“Friendly Reminder” is a track that touches on the subject of seemingly being okay in the public, but privately dealing with the “monsters of mental illness” in some form whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, anorexia nervosa, OCD, etc. While it is a significant topic for both Milyssa and Karenna, mental illness and management is never to be taken lightly and is important to love and be supportive of those who have dealt with or are still dealing with such monsters.

Some notable lyrics from the song include, “I’ve been all alone. I distance the ones around.  I don’t want anyone too close. The shadows surround me, they’re my friends and they hide all my pain. I’m hiding a secret. Could you keep it?” Milyssa continues on to sing “I’ve never felt that I was good enough. I hurt myself not to hurt you. The truth is eating me up inside. It’s too late to run and hide.” And Karenna chimes in from her perspective with “Anyone would be surprised to learn the things I hide behind these hazel eyes. Every day there’s a war I fight. They’re things I’ve suffered and survived…but my inner strength is not something that anyone can take away. With every breath I take I fight the pain.” It may be safe to say that we know at least one person who has felt this way, even if it is within ourselves.


About Onyx Echelon 85 Enterprises, LLC

Onyx Echelon 85 Enterprises, LLC is a multifaceted non-profit organization based in Athens, Georgia, specializing in being a hub for the independent arts through creating and promoting unique events, providing original online content, collaborating with other individuals and entities on various projects and events, and client guidance and management. In the first year of its existence, OE85, as it is called for short, has been responsible for continuing the female centric and empowering Feminenergy concert series and help bring The Sweet Soul Movement, a collective platform for R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Spoken Word artists, into fruition with three successful SSM events with a fourth installment in the works for Fall 2016. In addition to other upcoming events and collaborative projects for this fall, OE85 will release a compilation featuring its current roster of artists (Milyssa Rose, Karenna, Giovonni Pratt, and iulia) and exclusive tracks from other indie artists such as Profound, Alan Z, Zale, and more. Proceeds from the project will be donated to a non-profit organization which will be revealed at a later date.

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