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Starting from 00:00 UTC on 11th August, Treasure Hunter might be rs3 gold filled with plenty of beach goodies to have you ready for the release of the Beach next week.

Please note: This will only last until Monday’s update so move speedily to produce essentially the most with the beach build up!

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One can find also daily in-game activities to help get the Beach prepared for the ultimate celebration inside the sun, and earn rewards although you’re at it. Head to Lumbridge Crater now and speak to Reyna to acquire started.

Mystery boxes are back, and this time they’re packed with parasols, cocktail shakers along with other Beach-related goodies.

Deliver 20 buckets of sand to Reyna in Lumbridge Crater every single day to be rewarded with a normal-sized mystery box. Do this each day, and you’ll be rewarded with an additional substantial mystery box, that are also accessible from Treasure Hunter.

Our new beach parasols!.
The new parasols is usually won from Treasure Hunter and Buy Runescape Gold online and also obtained from massive mystery boxes. Individual
parasols are tradeable and can be exchanged on the GE, so ensure you get trading to gather them all!

After you have collected one of each and every variety of parasol, you can easily combine them all to make a non-tradeable
black parasol. The new parasol could be recoloured through a best click option to take on the look of any
of your individual parasols, as well as the new black parasol colour.

Our new beach parasols!
Cocktail shakers are now also on the market on Treasure Hunter!
These stackable products is often used to gain XP in Herblore and Cooking.

Prepare yourselves and preparing to greet the beach coming!

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