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Head to Treasure Hunter between 00:00 UTC on the 18th August to the 23:59 UTC on the 22nd August to stock up on everything you need for the perfect beach party.

For the duration of this event, all promotional slots on Treasure Hunter will be replaced with loot piñatas and beach boosters so you can win cheap runescape gold some of our new and exclusive items.
Here’s some of the prizes that you could win on Treasure Hunter.

The loot piñatas have had a special makeover for the beach party. Place and hit your piñatas for a chance to win new beach-themed items, including: the surfboard shield, ice lolly wand, Clawdia claws (main hand and off-hand), ink shooters (main hand and off-hand), the beach ball orb, and Coraline, the new seahorse pet.

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Perhaps it’s for accepting aggregate and aswell accepting gotten a top account at atomic once?

Actually I disproved my own suggestion, just got apple hiscores on World 137 (i chose it due to the low amateur citizenry and absolutely apathetic times on the hiscores) and I did not accept the Drake Ring.

So the angishore appellation is bare now? We can alone get Sun-sational?

Both are still available. You accept to get Angishore aboriginal I believe. All old titles and tokens and pets are available.

Well FML, because I got Sun-sational appellation and absence the Angishore from endure year and apparently can’t get it, or I’m missing something …

Multiple humans accept accepted still accepting able to get it. Im not abiding how aboveboard that is, just accumulate looking, accept you approved the bank brawl activity affair or the attic farming?

That’s the awe-inspiring thing, I apart the Sun-sational bygone and didn’t get Beachcomber, is there a accepted aberration amid requirements of those two? because I did all the activities. Do I charge to accomplish them for best time or anything?

Says on the Wikia you should alone accept to complete all activities once.

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