A Kickstarter Campaign for Marvle Boards is Launched!

Teenage inventor of electric skateboard launches a campaign to fund the creation of electric skateboard that runs for 25 miles, the farthest reach of the electric skateboard ever.


The inventor behind the skateboards of Marvle Boards, Luke Bermudez officially launches a campaign for the funding of his line of an electric skateboard. The 17-year-old inventor hopes that he will be able to raise $30,000 through the Kickstarter.com. The fund is expected to be raised by September 8, 2016 or when the pre-orders start to come in.


Riding electric skateboards has become an option for some people. However, the high cost can be quite a turn-off for some people. When the news of a teenage boy from Jacksonville, Florida launches his creation of low-cost electric skateboard spread widely, the curiosity just cannot be dismissed. The curiosity level rises higher and cannot be erased as the skateboards are claimed to be capable of running within 25 miles range.


The capability to run within 25 miles of range is one thing that leads Marvle Board as the farthest riding electric skateboards not just in the country but in the world. This maximum range of the electric skateboard can be achieved with just one charge of the battery. A tester who looks very happy exclaimed that riding for that long is amazing. According to Luke Bermudez, his goal is to produce the best quality of electric skateboard at the lowest possible price. He stated that he wants not just creating an ordinary electric skateboard. He said, “I wanted to design the amazing electric skateboard at the affordable price.”


With the farthest distance of an electric skateboard claimed as well as the affordable price being offered, Luke Bermudez seems to have a bright prospect for the future. What can be achieved by Marvle Board in the future will be interesting. The pre-orders are being opened at only $699 and for the first 10 people who put pre-orders; there will be discounts of $100.


About Marvle Boards


Marvle Board is a brand of electric skateboard founded by a 17-year-old teenager of Jacksonville, Florida, Luke Bermudez. The skateboards claim the title of electric skateboards those can run the farthest distance compare to the other similar skateboards around the world.


Contact Information:


Luke Bermudez


1234 King James Place, Jacksonville, FL 32218


Email: luketherobot904@gmail.com


Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1328715640/marvle-boards-1st-electric-skateboard-with-25-mile?ref=user_menu