Kickstarter Campaign for Unique ATC Board

The announcement of the brand new Kickstarter campaign has been made. This time around, it’s to introduce the unique organizer, planner as well as to-do list called ATC Board™.


Air traffic controllers have been working for years with an asset of unique tools – with pending patent – they have in store. The tools are specially designed with such flexibility to manage the individual jobs as well as ordering them by the execution time or the importance of the jobs. These tools are created to help the job on ATC towers to be more efficient. Inspired by the efficiency as well as the neat organizer of air traffic controller tools, Iomaa Media Relations released a brand new set of organizer, planner and to-do list called ATC Board™.


The creator behind these boards is inspired by the way air traffic controllers work. How they prepare every detailed information and moves accordingly in relatively short time. Just like how the tools used by air traffic controllers, every holder will hold a paper strip and can be arranged accordingly. The key components of the board remain the same while the styles are made to be different. This makes choosing the board won’t be a bad idea specifically for those who will be working with a hectic schedule.


According to the information given by Iomaa Media Relations, there will be two wall models, with 9 holders and 12 holders. There will be three desks model and each one of them has 10 holders, 14 holders and 18 holders respectively. This will allow a user of every board to make custom prints by using the standard printers on any layout of the blank perforated pages (the page must be in letter size). This customization allows users also to create color codes to arrange the boards in order. About ATC Board™:


With the uniqueness being offered by the ATC Board™, Iomaa Media Relations hope that they can bring their Kickstarter campaign to be successful. Judging by the look of the offered products in the campaign, it’s only the matter of time to get the goal reached.


About Iomaa Media Relations:

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