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Elder Weapon Beta

Earlier this week we released a developer blog for raids rewards. In this blog we discussed two new level 75 weapons: the elder maul and the elder wand.

You can now try out prototype versions of these weapons on world 321! This world is a beta world/tournament world, so none of your progress will affect your account.

As these weapons are prototype versions, they are currently using placeholder graphics.

On the beta world you can gear up with all the supplies you might need to give these weapons a go.

You can also try out the elder maul at a small selection of monsters weak to crush attacks.

Following feedback from the community, we are also considering some additional raids rewards on top of what was mentioned in the developer blog earlier this week. If you’d like more information on the additional rewards, watch our recent livestream in which we go over all of the stats of the proposed equipment.

Barbarian Assault Quality of Life

Barbarian Assault has received a number of quality of life updates and bug fixes this week in an effort to make your time in the minigame a bit smoother.

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