How To Fight Back Ankylozing Spondylitis?

Wake Up Lean
Some other symptoms may include stiffness of any joint in the body, arthritic pain in the joints, swelling of joints and their deformities, severe pain in the hip, neck and back etc.

The bad news is that this type of spondylitis is extremely dangerous and can cripple you literally if care is not taken beforehand. If it is neglected then the spine may permanently become hunch back and deformities may soon occur leading to complete deformity of the entire body. The joints may also have deformities. The major thing that actually happens is that the vertebra of the spine and the joints get fused together and hence allows minimum movement leading to almost stiff spine.

Well, the good news is that you can fight this disease if you take care of yourself at the very beginning. The best advice perhaps will be to exercise and practice yoga on a regular basis during your entire life. The best solution is exercise, that is perhaps recommended by doctors all over the globe for treatment of this disease. Some medications include administration of sulfur drugs and NSAIDS.

The best solution for any person suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis is the regular intake of sulfur drugs under strict medical supervision. Along with it, several exercises should be done in order to increase the flexibility of the joints as well as the backbone so as to prevent them from becoming extremely stiff. Once you attain a minimum level of flexibility you can also move on to light weights so as to remain fit as well as beautiful. But do remember you should never ever try to lift heavy weights just as bodybuilders do. It will only aggravate your stiffness. Only light weights can be used and that too under strict supervision if you at all want to have a lean muscular body.