“Great, Now You Can Get Warning About Malicious Links in Messages with Gmail,”

Users, who are using Gmail on Android and the web, they will get warning if they receive a message containing malicious or hazardous link.

22th August, 2016(USA): Gmail has been known for outstanding security updates for years. Again, Google has announced a new security update for Gmail while using it on Android and the web. According to that, now users will get warning if they receive a message consisting malicious links. Users’ will analyze a question mark present next to the sender’s profile photograph, organization logo, notifying a probable risk.

This is a great step taken by Google for Gmail users for experiencing safe browsing. Users, whenever receive a message having link to a hazardous site identified for malware, phishing, and superfluous Software, they will start to see warnings. Hackers always try to access your email account in various ways; therefore you must be careful enough for restricting those accesses. Email users must not ignore security warnings as this may lead to unauthorized access to their account.

According to the Google’s BlogSpot, all affected email may or mayn’t be unsafe, but users need to be more careful when replying to links present in message where the validation is not confirmed.

Looking into previous records of Google in terms of security for Gmail uses, it always took user security acutely. In the year 2013, they had announced the use of encrypted HTTPs connection for making email safer to users. Therefore, they introduced two-step verification method which has made Gmail more secure to its users. But, due to increasing hacking issues, they have again introduced new methodologies by following which users can completely restrict unauthorized access to their account. If you have issues related Gmail then solve to your problems with the help of professionals Gmail customer support technicians.

This is why; Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Whether you talk about features offered by Gmail, user-interface or security, it is simply exceptional in all these aspects. Users are advised to get aware with all latest security methodologies introduced by Google for protecting their email robustly.  Or click here for more help and assistance: http://www.contactemailexperts.com