Hashmi Unani Pharmacy – Trust and Quality in Healthcare

Hashmi Unani Pharmacy is a leader among all the pharmaceutical companies in India. Efficient and quality products have made them the most trusted name in generic pharmaceuticals. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy, driven by their passion, has evolved to become the most prescribed and effective brand. They are the first choice among numerous patients and healthcare services specialists in India.

Why choose Hashmi Unani Pharmacy

  • Hashmi Unani Pharmacy provides the best health care to people of India. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy has alliance with worldwide  manufacturing partners. All the manufacturing partners are regulated and approved by regulatory authorities both India and international.
  • They invest in research and development to ensure that advanced generic formulations are developed.
  • Providing best quality treatment at a reasonable cost is the vision of Hashmi Unani Pharmacy. They ensure that the quality is not compromised when products are given at reasonable costs. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy works hard to improve the overall health of patients. Patients don’t need to pay any additional cost if they purchase products from Hashmi Unani Pharmacy.
  • They are zealous about healthcare. Patient health is most vital to Hashmi Unani Pharmacy. They are focused on giving the best innovation in their products with a group of exceedingly talented researchers and pharmacists.
  • They give an extensive variety of over the counter medications. Aside from self medications, Hashmi Unani Pharmacy is committed in giving critical care products and anti-microbials that is utilized in intensive care settings.


Hashmi Unani Pharmacy believes that the first step to good health is to learn more about health. Medical conditions can be overseen better, if one has appropriate information about diseases. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy gives straightforward information and most recent updates about diseases and health issues under their holistic health care approach initiative.

Wide range of products

Hashmi Unani Pharmacy knows that a healthy heart is the key to a healthy life. They offer wide range of products in the cardiovascular category.  Type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus can be kept under control by using type 2 diabetes treatment. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy offers extensive variety of products in men’s health, women’s health, general health categories. To know more about their products or learn more about health care and diseases visit their website at: http://www.hashmi.com/

About the company:
Hashmi Unani Pharmacy was established in 1929, and is a pioneer in the relatively new generic pharmaceutical business sector of India. Owned by Dr Hashmi, Hashmi Unani Pharmacy has evolved as the most trusted name that gives quality and reasonable generic formulations in different health care categories.

Contact: Dr Hashmi
Company: Hashmi Healthcare
Address: Qazi Zada Street, Amroha, India 244221
Telephone Number: 0091- 9058429887
Email: hashmiherbal030@gmail.com