What You Need To Know About The USDOT Number

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If you have a vehicle that takes part in any of the following activities, you will require a USDOT number:

If it is used to transport material that has been categorized as hazardous by the Secretary of Transportation and the material transported is in a quantity that requires placarding. This applies to both interstate and intrastate transportation.

You will also require the identification if the vehicle has been designed or it is used in the transportation of passengers exceeding eight people and this is done for some sort of compensation. Eight passengers in the vehicle will include the driver.

If the gross combination weight rating or the gross vehicle weight rating is 4,536 kilograms or more. (That works out to 10,001 lbs).

Or if the vehicle has been designed in a way or used for the transportation of 15 passengers or more (including the driver). This will be applicable when it is not done for any form of compensation.

Besides these activities, the vehicle should also be involved in some form of Interstate commerce in the United States, including:

• The commerce, trade or traffic between some place in one State and any place outside that state, which may include one place that is outside the USA
• Between two cities that are in a particular State or traverses through a second state or some place outside the USA
• Between two places that are located within a state and are part of some form of trade or transportation that may originate or terminate outside the state or outside the country