Why Do We Think Like That

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I have a rather thought-provoking question for you today, one you may have thought about before (or maybe not). We sometimes have our own little “prejudices” that we barely even think about at least on a conscious level, but they still exist. You probably are thinking “I’m a very open minded person, I don’t carry any prejudices against anyone”. If that’s the case then I’m very proud of you. You’re probably the only person on earth who doesn’t!The kind of prejudice I’m talking about has nothing to do with race, or religion, or something generally thought of as hurtful in any way. I’m talking about…rich-ism. There, I said it! Many people seem to have a hatred for the rich, especially now since the big bailouts on Wall Street, the scandal of Bernard Madoff, and other financial goings-on in our worsening economy. People seem to love to hate rich people! Isn’t that kind of hypocritical of us though? If you hate people simply because they have more money than you, without knowing whether they are a big Wall Street fat cat or even how they made their money, do we have the right to judge them? Can they all be bad?

I’m sure many of you are saying “of course they are!”. As if there are no decent rich people that deserve their wealth. But deep down, wouldn’t you like to be a wealthy person? Maybe not as rich as Bill Gates, or Donald Trump, but at least someone who can afford to charter their own private jet to get away for the weekend? Yeah, I can hear almost see you nodding your head…So why do we seem to hate rich people? I believe it’s something that is stuck in our heads when we’re young, most often put their by our parents or other adults who mean well. But the question is, how can you ever expect to become wealthy if you absolutely have no respect for the wealthy people that you are knowledgeable about? It’s sort of like saying you don’t know what this religion (fill in the blank) is about but you certainly don’t want any part of it! The only different is, if given half a chance to become wealthy ourselves, most of us would jump at the chance.