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This level range is a bit more tricky than the previous ones because of the type of planet buy swtor credit Tatooine is. As you probably already know, since Tatooine is one of the most well known planets in all of Star Wars, it is a vast desert wasteland of a planet. This really shows in the game which is both awesome and annoying at the very same time… So we’re going to call it annoyingly awesome. Tatooine is a very large planet and without a speeder it would take you hours and hours to raise your skill even a few points. Even with the speeder it is still annoyingly tedious.

There are two solutions to this problem, the first one is you will want to level through this bracket primarily off of sending your crew out on missions, more on this is below. The second solution is to find an area where there are a lot of nodes around for you to gather. Staying in a small controlled area while sending your crew out on missions will net you the best bang for your buck while raising your skills here.

The profession you’re looking to raise will be the deciding factor in where you want stay and gather nodes. If you’re looking to raise Slicing I recommend any of the Sand People camps in Jundland. If you’re looking to raise Archaeology there are a lot of caves around in Jundland as well, up in the northwestern section of the map. There are caves elsewhere with nodes for Archaeology too, but I found these to be the best. Also in this same area you will find a ton of droids to kill, which can be Scavenged if you need to raise that skill as well. Also there are lots of Scavenging nodes around in the area regardless, making it good for both Archaeology and Scavenging.

The only skill that is difficult to raise on Tatooine is Bioanalysis. All nodes that you can gather with Bioanalysis are extremely spread out and rare to come across even then. I recommend raising Bioanalysis mostly by sending your crew out on missions as it is too difficult for you to raise just on your own on Tatooine. If you are looking for a good place to gather up materials though I recommend the sand dunes in western Tatooine, that is where I found quite a few Bioanalysis nodes. Also a second and maybe even better option is to kill animals and gather from their bodies.
Once you reach 235 with whatever skill it is that you’re raising you will want to hop back on your ship and take it on over to Alderaan.

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