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Nar Shaddaa is the next place you will be leveling up your gathering professions. The best buy swtor credit place I have found on Nar Shaddaa for the Republic with the most nodes available to you is the subzone, the one where you need to elimiate the Spice making drug dealers and destroy their labs, the Red Light Sector. Anyone who is playing on The Imperial faction will not be able to come to this area, so despite it being so good you will need to find another place! While doing the quests here I found a super abundance of all different types of nodes, there were literally just hundreds of them everywhere. I took a picture of the upper half of the Red Light Sector, where you will be spending most of your time raising your professions in this bracket.

The whole middle section of the zone doesn’t have any nodes in it, mainly because it has all friendly units (For Republic), but once you branch off either east or west you will start finding dozens and dozens of nodes. The room off to the west, around where you need to activate and control the turret was where I found the most nodes but up northeast wasn’t too bad either. The node with the highest level restriction that I saw on Nar Shaddaa was a 120 Slicing node. That is the main reason I gave this planet a 120 (at least) restriction, even though staying on Taris until 130 – 140 is what you will most likely be doing.

You will be staying on Nar Shaddaa for pretty much the same amount of time that you spent on Taris, usually around 50 skill points. In other words you will be on Nar Shaddaa until you reach about 175 in whatever profession it is you’re raising. Once you’ve done that it will be time to move on to Tatooine.

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