Colors4Fun Announces the Back to School Sale for the Professional Liquid Chalk Markers

Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers are made with premium ink. This ink is easy to use and tends to dry quickly.

August 15, 2016 – San Francisco, California – Students and their Mothers had recently utilized the Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers to organize their homes and kitchens in a fun way. The Liquid Chalk Markers are also great for decorating school projects, office presentation and organizing the kitchen products.

Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers are made with premium ink. This ink is easy to use and tends to dry quickly. The chalk pens are also superior in quality compared to other products that are currently sold in the market. Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers will not smudge, drip or fade. The quality is ideal for use on chalkboard sticker labels, organizing your kitchen, school projects and office presentations.

According to the Co-founder, Carrie Bradshaw, Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers are also ideal for blackboards, windows, whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces. Additionally the chalk pens can make writings on plastics, bistro boards, and mirrors.

The Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers are useful not only at home but also in school and in the office. Teachers will enjoy playing around the vibrant colors these Professional Liquid Chalk Marker Pens can offer. Your lessons will be fun for your students. This will allow students to become more engaged with topics being taught.

A customer of the Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers and a proud Dad named Shannon Allen commented that – “This is a BIG pack of Chalk Markers. My son is absolutely in love with them. He draws on just about anything with them. The colors are vibrant and hold true to their color when they dry. You get TEN in this pack and they are just awesome. The tip is great for fine line drawing as well as thicker line types and the liquid comes out in a smooth even amount to keep the edges uniform and not splotchy. Overall these make a great addition to anyone’s backpack and school supply list…”

Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers are helpful in Office Presentations. This will let you express your brilliant ideas better. The liquid chalk markers can allow employees and staff to leave messages to each other and keep more organized in the office.

Send this product as a gift and surely they will love it. These Colors4Fun Liquid Chalk Markers can be used in all occasions and this is the best gift you can give.

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