How to Turn Off Real Time Scanning in McAfee

Tech Support to turn off real time scanning in McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a suite for home and business user’s computer security software. It features award-winning real-time virus and malware scanning, e-mail and instant messaging protection, a firewall and a Web site advises components. To protect users against new security threats, McAfee scans all your drive when you insert it in your system.

Turn off real-time scanning

  • Once in a while you might need to stop real-time scanning, maybe to troubleshoot. Nonetheless, stopping the scan may expose your system to threats and you might get a message telling “your system is at risk”.
  • When you choose to turn-off the real time scan, the McAfee antivirus will ask you to choose when to again turn it on.

Steps to turn-off real time scanning

  • Open the McAfee antivirus and click on Settings.
  • Click on Real-Time Scanning settings.
  • Look for Real-Time Scanning and click on “Turn off”.

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