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Jacksonville based Cyber Security Company offers products and services to identify and evaluate vulnerabilites across networks and applications


Cyber security has never been more important to the national and the economic security of any nation than it is today. It is imperative that the academic institutions at all levels, as well as public and private sector leaders explore all untapped or under-tapped sources, to bring diverse talents and perspectives to bear on the ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats from cyberspace threats.

Despite the increasing demand for cyber security professionals globally cyber security remains a discipline where there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals and where women and other major minority groups are grossly underrepresented. Cyber security professionals continue to outpace nation’s cyber security workforce it is critical to create more opportunities for women and majority minority groups to fill these positions.

As digital transformation brings more users, devices and applications online, companies are challenged to protect an expanding attack surface. With more space to operate in and greater opportunities to generate a profit, active adversaries are relentlessly targeting businesses, organizations and people. In response, companies are deploying many security products to address a variety of needs — a practice that is difficult to manage and often leaves businesses more vulnerable.

While potentially increasing capabilities, this conventional, niche-product approach to security can create unmanageable complexity that results in a security effectiveness gap for companies. Through its security architecture, the Cisco security portfolio increases capabilities but also decreases complexity — offering an alternative approach for customers that help them close the gap and be more secure.


At Expert Business Consulting, Expert Tech Gurus deliver cost-effective information security & privacy solutions that are customized and dedicated to the specific risk management profiles and needs of the clients. They incorporate the latest industry drivers by keeping on top of emerging security policies, procedures, and technologies, as well as the regulations that govern them. They help our clients establish and implement security programs that safeguard their information, networks, systems and infrastructure assets – with the end goal of ensuring a discernible and material return on their IT security investment.

Not only that, they also analyze the information security threats and risks across the infrastructure, networks, operating environments, applications, databases and processes. Their unique methodology employs a top-down, risk based approach to analyzing and ranking the risks and incorporates a 360 degree perspective in the evaluation of both technical and management controls.


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